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  • herbal all purpose salve on calendula and comfrey

    All Purpose Salve


    This amazing blend of herbs can be used to aide in healing for diaper rashes, cuts, scrapes, irritated skin and insect bites. Our kids ask to apply this to every single cut and scrape they get to help them feel better. It is safe to use on open skin after it has been washed thoroughly with soap and water.

  • anti-inflammatory tincture

    Anti-Inflammatory Tincture


    The anti-inflammatory tincture is a specialized blend of herbs that have shown to have wonderful anti-inflammatory effects and can aid in pain management and reducing inflammation.

    Ingredients: alcohol*, filtered water, feverfew*, ginger*, ashwagandha*, echinacea*

    *organic ingredient

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    Apple Spice Tea

  • arthritis salve on wooden counter top

    Arthritis Salve


    Arthritis salve was made for my mother who has suffered from arthritis for many years. When she asked me if I could make her anything to help with the pain, this was my answer. This is a cayenne-based salve because it contains the element capsaicin. This has been shown in clinical research that this compound is what makes the cayenne pepper hot, pungent taste, along with strong local analgesic properties for certain types of nerve and arthritic pain. It can increase the blood flow to the “cold” rheumatic and arthritic conditions, aiding in the removal of waste products and increasing the flow of nutrients to the tissues.

    When this is applied to the skin, it can desensitize nerve endings and act as counterirritant.

    Mainly used for neuralgia, arthritis, and headache pains. Also antimicrobial.

    Caution when applying salve. Use gloves or immediately wash your hands after applying. Do not get into the eyes or broken skin. Strongly suggested to cover the area after applying it as it can leave marks on your clothing.

    Ingredients: olive oil, cayenne powder*, bees wax*, alcohol 

    *organic ingredients

  • ashwagandha tincture

    Ashwagandha Tincture


    Ashwagandha tincture is a nervine and adrenal tonic herb that can help anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and poor muscle tone. It is an adaptogenic herb that can reduce the effects of stress while also promoting energy and vitality. It is a supporting herb while recovering from a debilitating disease and can treat sexual dysfunction caused by…

  • astragalus tincture

    Astragalus Tincture


    Astragalus is an adaptogenic and tonic herb used traditionally for boosting energy and strengthening the immune system. This astragalus tincture can help those with heart disease and those with weakened immune systems from chemotherapy or chronic illness. Astragalus can aid in allergic asthma. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties making it useful for treating wounds, the common cold, and other respiratory infections.

    Ingredients: filtered water, alcohol, astragalus root*

    *organic ingredient

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    Bee Keeper Soap

  • herbal boo boo salve on comfrey and lavender natural living

    Boo Boo Salve


    This is an amazing salve to use when you have injuries such as sprains, strains, broken bones, cuts and more! This will speed up the healing process and also help manage the pain. This is great for chronic pain such as arthritis and RA.